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Drogheda Institute of Further Education

College Policies


Admissions Policy


Drogheda Institute of Further Education, a constituent Institute of the Louth Meath Education Training Board (LMETB), is committed to being an inclusive institution.  Fundamental to the implementation of the Institute's Admissions Policy is the principle of equality, in particular, equality of access, equality of participation and equality of outcome. In placing the student at the centre of the learning process, DIFE is committed to creating an appropriate learning environment in which individual differences are accepted and embraced.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for each course are detailed in the current prospectus
of DIFE. 


Irish/EU citizens

The appropriate application form must be completed and returned to DIFE, The Twenties Drogheda, and Co. Louth. Alternatively applicants may choose to apply on-line at www.dife.info. All applications will be acknowledged by post or e-mail and text.

Applicants will be invited to an interview to ascertain their suitability for the course.

Drogheda Institute of Further Education shall deem each candidate as suitable for entry to a course based on the following criteria:-

  • qualification or mature status
  • suitability (to be decided on the basis of interview where the demands of the course can be discussed).
  • entry test (if applicable, e.g fitness and sports skills in the case of Sport & Leisure Course)
  • compliance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Education & Science or other relevant state department or organisation

All applicants will be notified as to the results of the interview.

Applicants with who have a disability or specific learning difficulty will be invited to meet a member of the Institute's staff to discuss in confidence their requirements.

Late applications may be accepted up to the end of September.


International Students

DIFE welcomes students from all over the world. The richness and diversity of the variety of nationalities and cultures enhances the Institute's community in many ways and is greatly valued by all.

As all courses in DIFE are provided through English, all students must prove that they have sufficient competency in English.

The following administrative arrangements apply:

  1. All international students must provide appropriate identification documentation and comply fully with the residency requirements of the Irish government.
  2. EU nationals will be eligible for the same charges as Irish students.
  3. Non-EU nationals will be required to pay the economic fee, as determined by the Department of Education and Science, in addition to the local course charges. This fee is presently €3654.04 per year.
  4. Some categories of non-EU nationals, such as, persons with refugee status and young people under 18 at the commencement of the-course, will be exempt from paying the economic fee. Further details are available from the Institute.
  5. Applications from non-EU nationals can only be made when the applicant is resident in Ireland.
  6. The Institute will not engage in any way in the process of visa applications.

The college recognised the ability and talents of students with disabilities and the college aims to provide them with appropriate supports and information to assure their success.  The college encourages Students who have a learning support need or a medical condition to register with the disability support service and to provide the college with the relevant medical verification of their disability or verification of their specific learning disability, at the time of application. This information is required in order to ensure that the information, equipment, buildings and materials are fully accessible to the student.

Tick the relevant box on the application form or online application to activate further documentation   All information provided is treated confidentially and will be used by the college to plan to provide any reasonable accommodations required and will not  prejudice your application. The college is obliged to assess the support needs of the student and to provide those supports it can without any disproportionate burden. 




All courses in DIFE are subject to the approval of the Department of Education and Science and LMETB. All courses are offered subject to minimum enrolment numbers. All enrolments must sign that they agree to abide by the rules of the Code of Conduct.

Student Charter and Code of Conduct

Drogheda Institute of Further Education aims to promote mutual respect and a feeling of self-worth.  It acknowledges and supports the rights and capacities/capabilities of all students and encourages a sense of individual responsibility.

The student has the following expectations:

  • to feel part of and be respected by members of the Institute’s Community
  • to have freedom of expression
  • to be treated fairly and equally
  • to be free from intimidation, bullying or anything that undermines the dignity of the person
  • to a reasonable settlement of problems
  • to learn without interference in a pleasant working environment

Student Code of conduct

Equality of Treatment: Drogheda Institute of Further Education is an organization of teachers and students working together to enable all students make the most of the opportunities that arise in order to realize their full potential.  Each person is entitled to equal courtesy and respect irrespective of gender, age, religion, nationality, race, sexual orientation or family background. 

The aim of Drogheda Institute of Further Education is to achieve a learning culture where students can learn from all experiences both positive or negative, and achieve personal growth and continuous development through questioning, generating of ideas, learning new skills and changing behaviours in order to enhance their working and social environments. 

Any student who feels unfairly treated should make this known to the Course Co-ordinator, Deputy Principal or Principal as appropriate.

Respect: It is expected that students will have respect for all, for the property of others and of the Institute.  Students are further expected to behave responsibly at all times and not to engage in any activity that would interfere with the learning opportunities of their fellow students.

Bullying: Different forms of bullying such as physical, verbal and psychological bullying (including abuse of social network systems) take place in all areas of life.  While we have had little experience of this in DIFE it is possible that a student may experience bullying.  Should this happen the student should report the incident(s) to their co-ordinator / class tutor who will initiate an investigation.

Mobile Phones: Mobile phones must be switched off during class time and examinations.

Photographic or sound recording devices:  The use of any device with photographic or sound recording capabilities, including mobile phones with an integrated camera, is strictly prohibited except where authorised for the purposes of course work.

Attendance and Timekeeping: Our experience is that students who do best in examinations, in securing Institute places and in availing of employment opportunities are those whose attendance is regular and punctual throughout the year. Drogheda Institute of Further Education’s Attendance and Punctuality Policy will be strictly adhered to.  Students are expected to be on time for all classes.  Students who arrive late may be admitted to class at the discretion of the teacher.

Books and Materials: Students must provide themselves with such books, stationery, equipment, and materials as may be required by the Institute.

Assignment Deadlines: Students are expected to submit all the required assignments on or before the stated deadline. Drogheda Institute of Further Education’s Policy on Coursework Submission will be strictly enforced. Once submitted an assignment/project must be held by the Institute for inspection by the External Authenticator. Consequently, students must keep a copy of all assignments/projects submitted.

Use of Computer Facilities: All students using the Institute’s computer facilities are expected to do so in accordance with Drogheda Institute of Further Education’s “Computer and Network Usage Policy” and DIFE’s Computer Room Code of Practice.


Examinations: Students must comply with the rules and regulations of the examining body relevant to the course being studied.  Plagiarism is a very serious offence and allegations of plagiarism will be referred to Drogheda Institute of Further Education Examination Disciplinary Committee.  If the case is proven sanctions will follow as stated in the College’s Plagiarism Policy.

Smoking: DIFE is a smoke free building and, consequently, smoking is confined to a designated area outside the building.

Substance use: The possession, use or sale of illegal substances (including alcohol) is prohibited in the Institute and also on all activities associated with the Institute. Breaches will incur legal and disciplinary sanctions (including exclusion). 


Car Park: Students wishing to use this facility do so at their own risk.  Students are asked to park their cars in such a way as to keep all emergency exits clear. Students are not allowed to park on the area reserved for staff cars.


Work Experience: While on work experience students are deemed to be representing the Institute and as such are expected to behave in a manner which will enhance the good name of the Institute.

Social Events/College Trips: While taking part as a college member on any social occasion, field trips or other activity associated with the college students are deemed to be representing the Institute and as such are expected to behave in a manner which will enhance the good name of the Institute.

Change of Registration Details: All correspondence including examination results and certificates will be posted to the address on the student application form in the General Office.  Students must immediately notify the General Office of the Institute as well as the Course Co-ordinator of any change in registration details (e.g. address or telephone number.)  LMETB or DIFE cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise due to any failure on the part of the student to make such notification.

Infectious and Notifiable Diseases:  Students must inform the Institute of any personal health issues which may affect the health, safety or progress in the course/activity of themselves or others.  Any student who has had contact with a condition that is considered contagious/infectious must immediately notify the Institute.


As a student of DIFE you are bound by the Rules and Regulations of LMETB.

Any breach of this code will result in the Institute imposing appropriate sanctions.

Below is a list of what are considered to be serious breaches of the Code of Conduct/Code of Behaviour of Drogheda Institute of Further Education and LMETB

  • Showing disrespect to any staff member
  • Interfering with the right to learn of a fellow student
  • Bullying
  • Unruly or unlawful behavior either on the College Premises, or off the College Premises where students are deemed to be representing the College, eg. social occasions, field trips, inter-college competitions, etc.
  • Smoking in the college building
  • Abuse or sale of illegal substances (including alcohol) anywhere on the college premises
  • Discrimination as outlined in the Equal Status Act 2000

The following is a list of sanctions which may be invoked if a student is in serious breach of the College Code of Conduct/Behaviour:

  • A request to meet with a Tutor or Co-ordinator
  • A request to meet with the Deputy Principal/Principal
  • Suspension from class for a specific period of time by the Deputy Principal/Principal
  • Expulsion by the Board of Management

Should any student feel that she/he has been unfairly treated she/he has
the right to appeal to the Course Co-ordinator, Deputy Principal/ Principal, in that order.

It is the responsibility of the student to make himself/herself aware of the contents of this Code of Practice.



Refund Policy

Case 1

The student accepts an offer of a place and pays fees and then informs the college before the commencement of classes that s/he is not going to take up their place.

The Policy states:            Refund:                                75% of Registration fee.  Refund full amount of all other fees.

Case 2

Student accepts an offer of a place and pays fees and having commenced the course, informs the College before 1st October that s/he is not proceeding with their participation.

The Policy states:            Refund:                                75% of Registration fee.  Refund full amount of all other fees.

  • Less cost of any uniforms, kits, courses etc. that have been given to the student as a requirement for the course.
  • Less any examination fees that have been paid by the student for external examination bodies, if those fees have been remitted to that body.

Case 3

The student, having accepted a place and commenced on their course, decides to leave after 1st October 2016.

The Policy states:            No Refund:         Except any external examination fees that have not been paid to the external examining body.

Case 4

The student, having secured a place on self-financing course then withdraws from course after course commencement.

The Policy states:            No Refund:  No refund can be given as a self-financing course can only run under specified student numbers.  If a self-financing course has commenced, the student is not entitled to a refund as their place would have determined course commencement.  These fees have been paid to finance this course directly.

Please Note:                                                                                                                                                                     


If you terminate your course place early, you are required to return your Student ID card in order to

receive your refund.  The Student ID Card is the property of the College and refunds will not be

issued under any circumstances without returning your Card.


*All requests for refunds must be made by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


*Please be aware that refunds can take up to 2 weeks to receive.


*Please be aware students are only entitled to a refund of the QQI and PLC fee if they hold a full

Medical Card in their own name.  The cut off point for the medical Card refund is the last day of

term in November.

Drogheda Institute of
Further Education,

The Twenties, Drogheda, Co.Louth.

Phone: 041 9837105
Fax: 041 9841653
Email: dife@lmetb.ie


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